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Nick Foles skipping Rams workouts

The club of pissed off mediocre quarterbacks added a member this week. Well, he was probably added months ago, but you get the point. Los Angeles Rams quarterback Nick Foles is skipping the team's voluntary offseason workouts. Jim Trotter is reporting the team's decision to draft a quarterback did not sit well with Foles.

It's fitting that Foles joins Sam Bradford in the angry QB club. The Rams traded up to the No. 1 spot to select Jared Goff, and the Philadelphia Eagles traded up to the No. 2 spot to select Carson Wentz. Bradford stands a good chance of claiming the Eagles job for now, but even that is tenuous. As for the Rams? It would make sense to not rush a rookie QB up against NFC West defenses that quickly, but in their move to LA, I could see them wanting to arrive with a splash.

Both Bradford and Foles are making big enough contracts that neither team is likely to release the player this year. The Rams gave Foles a two-year, $24.5 million extension after acquiring him via trade. Part of that included a $6 million roster bonus this past March. He was benched after nine games, with Case Keenum taking over. Keenum was a restricted free agent this offseason, and the team tendered him at a first round level. He signed the tender, which is worth $3.635 million.

Goff is obviously the future, and it could happen sooner rather than later. I'm not entirely sure what the Rams were doing with their other quarterback decisions this offseason. Keenum could probably be dealt, but I see little chance Foles is dealt given the cap complications.

I don't really know what happens with Foles at this point. He's got no real future with the Rams, and he recognizes it. Given what he did in 2013 as Chip Kelly's quarterback, I wonder if his agent has begged for a trade to the 49ers? I'm kidding to some extent, but it is pretty crazy the year he put together with Kelly.

Here's Jeff Fisher's comments on Foles' absence from the workout program.