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Golden Nuggets: Anthony Davis keeps tweeting

San Francisco 49ers links for Monday, June 13, 2016.

Good morning! The San Francisco 49ers had their mandatory minicamp last week, and now we wait for training camp. The rookies remain in Santa Clara for one last week of the rookie program, but I don't believe there will be any media availability for that. So basically, football picks back up in seven weeks when the players return for training camp.

While we wait for football to return, we get more Anthony Davis. The retired offensive lineman was back at it on Twitter this weekend. He continues his pattern of tweeting and then deleting comments related to football. There were not a whole lot of links from Sunday, but Matt Maiocco had an article about Davis's latest tweet. Here's the screenshot:

Prior to that, the folks at @49ershub sent along a screenshot of another tweet right around then. Someone asked Davis if he still plays football. He had the following to say:

So maybe he’s coming back, or maybe not. I really have no idea. I’ve skipped over some of his tweets, but will cover others. It’s quite the circus.

The only other 49ers-related content was an amusing pair of articles reading too much into Chip Kelly’s comments about rookie quarterback Jeff Driskel. Kelly praised Driskel, and that led to national media taking that as a hint that Driskel could have a shot at something significant sooner rather than later. I’ll have more later today, but here’s what Pro Football Talk and Around The NFL had to say.