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What was Jim Tomsula’s best former job?

This is entirely random, but amused me nonetheless. Deadspin is putting together their annual “Deadspin Awards,” which honor sports in a way befitting their website. It honors the stupid, ridiculous, and wonderful, all in one. They are voted on by the public, and will feature a wide variety of entirely random topics.

They are opening with a topic near-and-dear to us, Jim Tomsula. The one-time 49ers coach has had a professional career that has been all over the place. He was the 49ers head coach last year, and defensive line coach before that, but his journey to the top of the coaching ranks was not a simple path. He worked a variety of random side jobs in his efforts to develop as a coach. And Deadspin is asking, what is his best job. They listed out the following five jobs in their ballot:

  1. Firewood cutter
  2. Doormat salesman
  3. Cleaned floors at a department store
  4. Night janitor
  5. Medical equipment sales rep

I voted for firewood cutter. That and cleaning floors at the department store would be my first two choices. And I’d seriously consider the janitor job over the two sales jobs. Some people are great at sales, I am not one of those people. I started in sales, first spending a year with a minor league baseball team, and then working for the Oakland A’s (before moving into finance). I really didn’t like it, so more power to Jimmie T!