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Who are the 49ers notable training camp trade candidates?

The 49ers have a history of making August and September trades under Trent Baalke. Maybe that’s one way to get younger talent on the roster this fall.

The San Francisco 49ers have questions about their roster, but there is some intriguing young talent added over the last two offseasons. Numerous late round picks and UDFAs could make an impact, but there are veterans ahead of them that can still contribute. It doesn't mean the 49ers won't cut notable veterans if the younger players surpass them, but it does create some questions.

One way the 49ers have cleared roster space in the past is through training camp and preseason trades. Dating back to 2010 training camp, when Trent Baalke had emerged as the man in charge of 49ers personnel, the team has made seven trades during training camp and/or the preseason. The only year they did not make a trade was in 2014. Here are the players dealt during that time:

2010: Kentwan Balmer
2011: Taylor Mays
2012: Colin Jones
2013: Parys Haralson, Cam Johnson
2015: Asante Cleveland, Derek Carrier

The 49ers do not have the depth they had during some of those seasons, but they do have enough interesting young talent that I have little doubt they'll be on the phones throughout August and into September.

We know Colin Kaepernick is on the market (or at least was). Ahmad Brooks is always somebody we think will end up elsewhere at some point. The 49ers eventually will move on from Antoine Bethea, but I don't think we see the team deal him just yet. The 49ers have some defensive line depth they could move, but I don't know that a guy like Tony Jerod-Eddie is going to get a lot in return. Maybe a conditional seventh round pick?

Who else could you see as a potential trade candidate?