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Draymond Green probably won't be playing for the 49ers anytime soon

The Golden State Warriors will be back in action on Thursday, looking to close out the NBA Finals with a Game 6 win in Cleveland. News dropped on Wednesday that center Andrew Bogut will miss the rest of the series with a knee injury. That’s a tough loss, but the team will get back forward Draymond Green. He was suspended for Game 5 due to a previous flagrant foul.

NBA playoffs aside, on Tuesday afternoon, the Big Ten Network posted some really amusing video of Green. Back in 2011, just before his final season at Michigan State, Green suited up for the football team’s Green-White spring game. Green played football as a freshman in high school, starting at tight end and defensive end on his junior varsity team, but had not played since. He sported No. 83 for the game, and it was pretty clear that he had just a little bit of work to do. He played two plays. On the first one he was called for a false start, and on the second he drew a pass interference call on a short sort of route.

Based on the video below, he probably has a little more work to do before he can start playing football for the 49ers or Raiders.