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Madden 17 trailer includes two shots of the 49ers

We have six more weeks until training camp gets going, but another important date is later in August. Madden 17 will be released on August 23, with Rob Gronkowski appearing on the cover. EA released a commercial featuring Gronk, and now they have a broader commercial. This one includes a variety of teams, and we have two appearances by the San Francisco 49ers. Nine seconds into the trailer, we get to see Kenneth Acker run over by Todd Gurley. 16 seconds into the trailer, we get a view of Chip Kelly on the sideline.

How many people still play Madden on a regular basis? I still have an XBox 360, but I use it primarily for streaming services (Netflix, Amazon Prime, HBO Go). Part of it was Madden becoming more complicated, and part of it was just not having as much time anymore.