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Carson Wentz got locked in a bathroom. Yes, it’s the offseason

This is entirely off topic, but when it comes to the offseason, random things catch my attention. In this case, Carson Wentz tweeted that he managed to get locked in a New Jersey gas station bathroom. He was fortunate that a few people, including gas station attendants were on hand to help him get out.

I have so many questions about this. Off the top of my head, how did he get locked in the bathroom? The other one is how exactly garden shears play into this? Whatever the case, there are few places I would want to be locked in even less than a gas station bathroom. Public bathrooms in general can be pretty awful. I was out for a run today, and stopped at a bathroom on the Mall next to the Washington Monument (I live in Washington, DC). It was ridiculously humid in there, and just awful to be in. I think one of my worst nightmares would be getting locked in a bathroom.