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Rex Ryan proclaims Bills the winners of the offseason

Pack it in, y’all!

The San Francisco 49ers travel to face the Buffalo Bills in Week 6, and the 49ers might just want to pack it up and forfeit now. Bills head coach Rex Ryan is a big talker, and he closed out the team’s minicamp by proclaiming his team the winners of the 2016 offseason (emphasis added).

"I can't wait to get the season started," Ryan said. "I'm just telling you right now: forget the vacation. I wish it was shorter. And I mean it. I'm excited about this team. Obviously a lot of things have to happen and we're a month or so away. I told our players today to 'Win July.' We've won the off-season. I would challenge any team. I think we've won the off-season. But we need to win July. That's when everybody is by themselves, on their own but doing the things to be in great shape when we get to camp, let's avoid those injuries we had last year.

Normally I'd say Washington or Miami are the “winners of the offseason,” although that usually deals more with free agency and draft additions instead of just doing well in the offseason workout program. But any Rex Ryan-led team is bound to end up on the short list of offseason winners.

The article that had the quotation did make a good point of pointing out some of the Bills issues that are decidedly not winner:

I'd say that’s not exactly ideal, but we know that’s not going to stop Rex Ryan from talking up his team. The Bills very well might take a step forward, move over .500, and compete for a playoff berth. I am a bit skeptical, and honestly, Ryan talking a big game only adds to my skepticism. They have a lot of intriguing talent, but we’ll see if it all comes together later this fall.