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NFL, NFLPA settle updated practice squad rules for 2016, 2017

We see an extension of the 10-man limit, and an update on the number of players with 2 accrued seasons.

The NFL and NFL Players Association have agreed to terms that will extend and adjust the 2014 practice squad rule changes. The last two seasons NFL teams have had ten-man practice squads, with expanded rules for players who accrued two seasons in the league. Prior to the 2014 season, each practice squad was allowed eight players, and players could have no more than one accrued season (with specific exceptions for players who had that one accrued season).

In 2014, the NFL and the NFL Players Association agreed on a two-year change to the squads. They would allow each practice squad to include ten players, and players with up to two years of accrued play were eligible. The two sides had to agree to an extension of that rule this offseason. They have agreed to continue the ten-man squads, but now, teams can have four players with two years of accrued service. In 2014 and 2015, the rules only allowed for two such players.

We’ll be back with more on the practice squad throughout the offseason, including a full list of eligible players. I’m thinking later this month we’ll get into that. We have plenty of time for it after all! There was some discussion earlier this month about the practice squad in this FanPost. The rules in that are off from the change, so I’ll get an update together on that when I get a minute.