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Rumored color rush leak has 49ers wearing all gold

I doubt this is fully legit, but it’s the offseason, and I’m bored.

Fooch’s update: I made a mistake. The 49ers host the Cardinals on TNF, so I have no idea why the 49ers would be gold and the Cardinals red since the 49ers would normally wear their red home jerseys.

The NFL debuted the new color rush uniforms a year ago, having a handful of teams wear them on Thursday Night Football. A year later, every team that plays on Thursday Night Football gets to wear a version of the color rush uniform. The NFL and Nike have not released what the uniforms will look like, but there have been rumors. A questionable Twitter account called @NFL_Leaks has tweeted out a couple different times with rumored leaks of the uniforms. Here’s their latest:

This is at least the second leak they have had this offseason. On April 15, shortly before the schedule was released, they tweeted out a picture of rumored colors. They had the 49ers in gold there as well, but they had the Arizona Cardinals in a shade of yellow. The 49ers face the Cardinals on Thursday Night Football, so it would have been a bad idea to go with gold vs. yellow. If this leak is correct (I’m skeptical), then it would make sense for the Cardinals to go with the red. The Cardinals are hosting the game, so it makes sense they would get the home red over the 49ers.

I would think we’ll find out the official color rush uniform colors sometime before the start of the regular season. Hopefully sometime before the preseason, too. Given how quiet things are between now and the end of July, the NFL would be wise to gobble up some media time with an official announcement.