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Eugene Monroe turns down Giants, wants to remain at left tackle, per report

The San Francisco 49ers are set at left tackle, so if it Monroe does want to remain at the position, cross them off the list.

It is safe to say that for the time-being, the San Francisco 49ers will not be signing Eugene Monroe. Jason Cole (wait before laughing) is reporting Monroe turned down overtures from the New York Giants largely because he wants to stay at left tackle. Josina Anderson reported after Monroe’s release that he preferred staying at left tackle, so this is not exactly a shocking development.

Cole’s video was a bit off in discussion what might be next for Monroe. He said the Seattle Seahawks and Carolina Panthers might be interested, but then he also mentioned the 49ers. While the 49ers do have offensive line needs, they will not be moving Joe Staley out of the left tackle role. That is especially true given that Monroe has dealt with numerous injuries, playing in 16 games over the last two seasons. That was information Cole and/or his producers overlooked, which is one reason it can be difficult to take him entirely seriously.

Monroe would make sense for a Seattle team that has significant issues on the offensive line, but for some reason they seem too stubborn to make the necessary improvements in front of Russell Wilson. I’m kind of surprised they do not invest more along the line.