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Golden Nuggets: The playbook was hard for Hayne

Your San Francisco 49ers links for Saturday, June 18th 2016

St Louis Rams v San Francisco 49ers Photo by Thearon W. Henderson/Getty Images

Good morning. I had an interesting thought on Jarryd Hayne’s comments regarding the NFL playbook and the San Francisco 49ers.

In case you missed the article(s), Hayne made a comment about how complicated going into Chip Kelly’s system was for someone like him who had little experience. All I have to ask is was Geep Christ’s system that less complicated? By a lot?

Fooch’s update: Jarryd Hayne tweeted this over clarification

Obviously there’s simple and then complex playbooks. It’s also understandable that Hayne was learning one specific system his first time out and for him to go from one to another would be absolute murder since he lacked the fundamentals of football most learn in their teenage years or younger. I’m sure it’s a lot harder when you’re just trying to get terminology down and someone comes in and is changing everything.

At the same time, maybe Christ’s system was so simple, too simple that someone like Hayne had an easier time figuring things out, which means defenses on other teams would have no problem with it. It’s either genius or makes Christ’s predictability apparent. Now this idea is certainly far-fetched, and I do think I’m overthinking all of this. The 49ers’ offensive line was an absolute trainwreck last year among other things, I don’t think predictability would be a way to describe how bad that offense was. Besides, Matt Barrow’s article below pretty much sums everything up and puts enough in perspective that I am thinking way too hard on this. It’s fun to ponder though. Besides: offseason.

Let’s get to the links!

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