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Ranking out the 49ers position groups

List out your top 5 units

We are making our way through the San Francisco 49ers various position groups for the purposes of the bubble watch, but I had a thought. I wanted to see how people rank out the 49ers best position groups. Pro Football Focus and ESPN Insider, among others, have been ranking out the ten best position groups across the NFL. The 49ers have not shown up in those. That’s not surprising, but I am curious independently where fans rank out each group.

The 49ers have a lot of questions, but they have some positions that are deeper than others. In the poll below, rank out your top five position groups. The group ranked #1 gets 5 points, the group ranked #2 gets 4 points, the group ranked #3 gets 3 points, and so on. Ignore the language at the top about drafting players. This was created for the purposes of developing a draft big board. Just rank out your top 5 position groups for the 49ers.