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Torrey Smith talked 49ers WRs, coach Bob Bicknell, gas station treats and more

Lately, the San Francisco 49ers Studio team have been taking advantage of Facebook Live as an opportunity to provide some live Q&A with players. For those who have never seen Facebook Live, basically it's a live stream of content that includes an option for people to ask questions of those on video. You can then go back and watch it later. We do it every so often on the NN Facebook page, so give that a like if you want to check it out. You'll get a Facebook notification when we've gone live.

On Wednesday, Torrey Smith sat down with the studio to talk about a variety of topics. There were football-specific questions, but we also got to hear about some very random topics. My favorite question was probably the one about what kind of snacks he'll get at a gas station during a road trip. They also broke down three big plays he had last season, he answered some trivia questions, and he talked about a youth football team he is putting together.

I've embedded the video above, but I figured I would also list out the various questions asked of Smith. You can jump to whatever section you prefer. Facebook Live uses a countdown method as opposed to counting from zero, so that's why the time stamps are in reverse.


  1. 21:10 - Where the team's at right now
  2. 20:58 - Thoughts on young wide receivers
  3. 20:22 - Talking about cornerbacks they're facing
  4. 19:50 - What his trash talking entails on practice field
  5. 19:01 - About WR coach Bob Bicknell
  6. 18:24 - Impressions of Chip Kelly through three months
  7. 17:27 - Growth of offense from day one to now
  8. 16:30 - Breaking down deep ball catch against Ravens in Week 6
  9. 15:42 - Breaking down game-winning TD against Bears in Week 13
  10. 14:39 - Short post touchdown against Lions in Week 16
  11. 14:10 - How he hopes to build on 2015 as individual and as a team
  12. 13:33 - Which game excites him most in 2016
  13. 12:32 - Thoughts on the rookies
  14. 11:30 - Whether he or his son T.J. is more famous at this point
  15. 10:15 - "Do You" Trivia portion - longest career NFL reception opponent, first NFL TD opponent, game with single most college catches/receiving yards/touchdowns opponent, two other Maryland WRs who caught NFL passes in 2015, Iron Man's real name, Movie of "Crab cakes and football, that's what Maryland does"
  16. 5:16 - Advice for young WRs
  17. 4:43 - Choice of snacks at gas station during road trip
  18. 3:57 - Thoughts on the Warriors-Cavaliers final
  19. 2:20 - what he's been up to, foundation, starting a youth football team