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Throwback Thursday: Remembering the Hayne Plane

We were able to find video of all of Jarryd Hayne's 2015 preseason activity. Here it is for all your viewing pleasure.

So a couple of weeks ago, Jarryd Hayne decided to forego his professional football dreams and try out for the Fiji Rugby Olympic team and the sense of "What would have been?" set in.

Sure, there was a chance he wouldn’t be making the roster this year, but for someone who came in with virtually no football experience to have the preseason he had last year is pretty impressive. He wasn’t perfect, but the stuff he showed was the stuff undrafted free agents with years of experience hope to show.

Well one fan was able to capture his entire preseason. Not just those impressive punt returns, but also his carries as a running back and the awesome scene of him showing his impression of a semi to San Diego Chargers cornerback Lowell Rose.

What could have been? We’ll never know. But I still am having a hard time not watching these few impressive returns every few weeks and wondering if he could have made the roster this year, and if so, would we get more of this?