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Colin Kaepernick, Camp Taylor conduct another successful fundraiser

The San Francisco 49ers veterans are off doing their own things for the next five weeks until training camp, and for many it involves some kind of charity work or football camp. This weekend, NaVorro Bowman is hosting his Washington, DC-based football camp. And previously Jennifer Chan had some pictures and takeaways from Antoine Bethea’s celebrity softball game.

Earlier this week, quarterback Colin Kaepernick had his fourth annual charity fundraiser for Camp Taylor. We’ve discussed his involvement with Camp Taylor in the past, including some great pictures of him with the kids. The camp provide a place for kids with heart conditions to enjoy a normal camp environment that many camps cannot provide. It is medically supervised and provides a chance for kids to take part in an assortment of activities. You can learn more about the camp here.

Kaepernick has been actively involved with the camp since entering the NFL. His parents lost two kids shortly after birth due to heart defects. This led in part to the decision to subsequently adopt Kaepernick. He has donated money to the camp, and this week marked the fourth charity golf tournament. The charity event has raised over $900,000 combined over the past three years, and it sounds like it was another great success this year. There are plenty of great pictures from the event below, and I’ve embedded some video above, courtesy of the Modesto Bee.