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Jim Harbaugh wears Colin Kaepernick jersey at Michigan’s Sacramento camp

The Jim Harbaugh world tour continues, and Colin Kaepernick is his latest jersey.

The Jim Harbaugh Michigan football world tour, and it is in the San Francisco 49ers neck of the woods. Well, sort of. Harbaugh and Michigan are conducting a camp in Sacramento, and the one-time 49ers coach continued his new tradition of wearing a local player’s jersey at the camp. He’s worn a variety of jerseys, and for the Sacramento camp, he went with Colin Kaepernick.

Harbaugh recently chatted with MMQB reporter Albert Breer, and said he does not miss the NFL, as it is still right there for him to enjoy.

“It’s not like I ‘miss’ the NFL, because it didn’t go anywhere,” Harbaugh says. “I get great enjoyment watching, and I’m a diehard watching my brother, his team and what they’re doing. There are things not coaching in the NFL that you do miss, those relationships with the players themselves, who are playing at the highest level.

“But I have those relationships with the players here, the NFL is still there, and getting them in a position to get to experience that is a very worthwhile thing, and I attack that every single day. Bottom line, it’s not something to miss. It’s still there. … I’m happy and challenged every day with what I’m doing right now.”

Jim Harbaugh is entering his second season as Michigan head coach, and at some point the NFL rumors will pick up steam. I haven’t heard any rumors to date, but if Michigan takes another step forward in 2016, I would think the rumor mill will heat up in the winter. I don’t think Harbaugh is going anywhere after this season, but at some point one has to wonder if he’ll move on to take another crack at a Lombardi Trophy.