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Aldon Smith in court Friday for 2015 DUI hit-and-run, prior probation violation

Minnesota Vikings v Oakland Raiders Photo by Thearon W. Henderson/Getty Images

It appears Friday will be a busy day for suspended pass rusher Aldon Smith. The Oakland Raiders linebacker is due in court on Friday for a pair of issues. His attorney will be arguing a motion to suppress evidence relating to his DUI hit-and-run charge from August 2015. Additionally, he will be arraigned for a probation violation.

There is no word yet on what the probation violation is specifically related to. He previously pled out to a combination weapons charges and a DUI charge. It included probation that prevented him from drinking alcohol. There was the airport incident when there were rumors he was under the influence of alcohol, but nothing ever came from that. This would seemingly indicate there might be some other incident we don’t know about yet. I am not certain about this, so we’ll see what Friday brings with this case.

Smith is currently serving a one-year suspension. He re-signed with the Raiders this offseason, but he cannot re-join the team until November, at the earliest. This probation violation is going to be something to track because if it is related to something else, it could lead to a longer suspension. If it’s related to the incidents already discussed, I would guess it won’t impact any suspension. Of course, if he is convicted on any of these and gets any jail time, that’s another issue. The whole thing is kind of complicated.