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Carlos Hyde excited that Chip Kelly offense ‘will help showcase all my abilities’

49ers running back Carlos Hyde thinks there is some similarity to his college offense, and is excited for what he can do in it.

The San Francisco 49ers spent the last three months implementing Chip Kelly’s offensive scheme, and will look to build on it when training camp arrives late next month. Carlos Hyde figures to benefit in an offense that provides a lot of opportunities for the running back.

The 49ers running back was on SiriusXM NFL Radio on Thursday, and he discussed his excitement about the offense. He thinks there is some similarity to his college system. If it is sufficiently similar that is certainly a boon for Hyde. The 49ers have options behind him, but enough question marks about each running back that Hyde has a chance to really take a firm hold on the running back role. And you can tell he is excited about his opportunities. It is only a late June interview, but that first season excitement is in place.

Here’s a transcript and audio of what Hyde had to say.

On first few months with Chip Kelly:

It’s been great having Coach Kelly there … I feel like the team has bought into his system. Even though it’s new to most guys, I’m kind of familiar with the system from college. But I definitely feel like everybody has bought into the system and guys are just really looking forward to this season. Guys are really looking forward to making a name for themselves.”

On challenge of third offensive system in three years:

“To me, personally, I don’t feel like it’s a challenge at all. My whole plan going into the season is to be the best running back I can be for my team. Do whatever I have to do as a running back to help my team win games, whether we have a coach or not. I have to go out here and do my job. I can’t be worrying about who’s the coach or what the coach is doing.

On how Kelly’s system fits him:

“I definitely believe that this system will help showcase all my abilities, not just as a ball-carrier, but also as a threat in the passing game. To me, this system, I just think is a blessing in disguise. I’m really looking forward to this year. I’m very excited about this year. I think it’s gonna be an exciting year for us.”