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Ahmad Brooks seemed to give Anthony Davis some grief on Instagram (since deleted)

Last night, former San Francisco 49ers offensive tackle Anthony Davis tweeted out a Throwback Thursday video in which he was doing some boxing. Several members of the 49ers have gotten into boxing as a form of offseason training, and the team is actually even working in boxing gloves for their cornerbacks (to force them to work without using their hands).

But it’s not the video that’s interesting. It’s the comments. Or, it was the comments, some of which have since been deleted. The first tweet I got about this was one, which said Ahmad Brooks was calling out Davis:

This subsequent tweet showed that Davis had first mentioned Brooks in the comments, asking when he was going to get in the ring, and this prompted Brooks’s response.

If you look at, it appears to be Brooks’s account. If it is not his account, then it belongs to a really creepy person. Whatever the case, if you look at it now, the exchange has been deleted.

It is possible they were just talking some trash, and that was that. It is also possible Brooks was giving him legitimate grief about his retirement. Whichever one it is, any potential return by Anthony Davis is going to have to deal with teammates that are probably not overly pleased with him. During minicamp, Joe Staley said the two of them have not spoken in a year-and-a-half. At the same time, back in January, Staley said the team would welcome him back because he is “a terrific football player.” If Davis can contribute to the team, I think most players would be willing to accept him back. They might not be happy about his original departure decision, but at the end of the day, they want to win. If they think a player will help him win, they’ll put up with a lot more nonsense than they might otherwise.