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Johnny Manziel, Tarvaris Jackson, Brexit turn Friday into a train wreck

It’s safe to say Friday was kind of a dumpster fire of news. The day opened with news of the British deciding to leave the European Union. It set off all sorts of chatter, and the resignation of the prime minister of England. Normally I would ignore this kind of politics here, but given the way the rest of the day went, I view this as kind of a tone-setter.

The NFL decided on a modest little news dump earlier this afternoon with word that the league will be interviewing players mentioned in the Al Jazeera report, with interviews planned for the beginning of training camp. For those who don’t remember it, the Al Jazeera report implicated Peyton Manning and others in PED. The report was a hot mess, with recanted statements leaving things completely up in the air. The NFLPA is challenging this given the questions surrounding the report.

Things got nutty at the end of the afternoon, with a report that Johnny Manziel’s attorney accidentally texted some rather damning content to the Associated Press. Manziel’s attorney apparently thought he was texting another lawyer. He mentioned doubts about Manziel’s ability to stay clean, and something about Manziel spending more than $1,000 at a drug paraphernalia 15 hours after a hit-and-run incident.

And why not close things off with free agent quarterback Tarvaris Jackson getting arrested.

I’m glad this Friday is almost over.