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Joshua Garnett dunking a basketball is impressive

There’s something about seeing big guys throw down dunks that always impresses me. Obviously big basketball players can do it, but I’m talking about big NFL players. When an offensive lineman or defensive lineman throws down a dunk, something about it just looks awesome. I realize when you’re that tall, you should be able to dunk, but getting that much weight in the air still looks impressive.

49ers rookie Joshua Garnett posted this tweet over the weekend, showing off some of his hops. He reassured 49ers fans that it was before he was drafted, so we hopefully don’t have to worry about him doing something bad to his body while dunking for fun.

Dunking is certainly not the be-all, end-all for defining athleticism, but it certainly says something about his lower body strength. Any and all power and athleticism will be welcome in the 49ers offense!