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Colin Kaepernick was approached by a fan in LA, and it got weird [video]

I imagine Colin Kaepernick is frequently approached by fans. If you do see him, don’t behave like the guy in this TMZ video from last Friday.

Fans can be a little overzealous at times when they meet a celebrity. Whether there is alcohol involved or not, sometimes fans are a little over the top. And TMZ has some video of a San Francisco 49ers fan who was way over the top when he met Colin Kaepernick.

Kap was down in LA over the weekend, and was walking through the Ritz-Carlton when some fans approached him. Naturally they wanted pictures with Kap, but one of them also had some words of what I suppose he might think were wisdom. Check it out here:

For those that can’t watch the video, here is a transcript of what was said. It doesn’t include some of the background voices. The whole thing got weird really quickly. If you’re ever around a celebrity, do not behave this way. My guess is the guy was drunk, but maybe he’s just really intense. Either way, it’s a little bit out there.

Random fan: “I believe that you’re going to restore that power that you once exuded. But God was with you that year and took you all the way, right? You got that power again, and I need you to be disciplined ... “
Kap: “I’ve always had that power.”
Random fan: “Look, hold up, you are as great as Cam Newton. And Cam Newton is great (someone else yelling, “You’re greater!”).
Kap: “We ain’t the same person.”

Someone yelling, Yo bro, are you greater?

Random fan: “Cam Newton is great!”
Kap: “He is great.”
Random fan: “You great!”
Kap: “I know.”
Random fan: “How can you know, without discipline? You need to have that discipline.
Kap: “I’ve always been disciplined. Don’t believe what you read in the news.”

At this point another fan is just trying to get his picture with Kap.

Random fan: “You’re great! You’re just like Cam Newton, bro.”
Kap: “Nah, we not like that.”

Random fan: “You think you’re better than him?”
Kap: “I didn’t say that. I said that we’re not alike.”

Person trying to get a picture with Kap.

Random fan: “Yo, this dude is a son of Israel. Without him ... we look up to him for inspiration and life ... I need you to say confident things about yourself, so that we can stand strong. You talk confident, I am confident! ... Are you scared to step into the spotlight, bro?”