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Greg Cosell talks 49ers offensive players on fantasy football podcast

Fantasy football provides an opportunity to hear some thoughts on offensive skill position players. Greg Cosell recently had a chance to chime in on those 49ers players on a fantasy football podcast.

The San Francisco 49ers offense is a huge question mark this season, and that means plenty of questions related to fantasy football. Greg Cosell recently went on a fantasy football podcast to talk about all 32 teams. While the podcaster was looking at things from a fantasy angle, it’s always interesting to hear what Cosell has to say. You have to fast-forward to near the end to catch his 49ers comments, but I transcribed them below. He talked about the quarterback, running back, and wide receiver positions, and while we’ve heard a lot of this before, it’s interesting hearing stuff from a new voice.

On if he would rather have Blaine Gabbert or Colin Kaepernick in Chip Kelly’s offense:

Well, I think Gabbert’s skill set better lends itself to it because first of all, I think he’s a better functional mover than Colin Kaepernick. Colin Kaepernick is much faster in a straight line, I think Blaine Gabbert is a better functional mover. Secondly, it’s really a short passing style offense, not a lot of deep throws, and I think Gabbert throws with more natural touch and pace. Kaepernick is a power thrower who struggles with pace and touch throws. So I think Gabbert’s skill set fits better in Chip Kelly’s offense than Kaepernick’s.

On Bruce Ellington as option:

He’s been in the slot … In Chip’s offense, Bruce Ellington could catch 80 balls if he’s the slot receiver … Now again, is Quinton Patton the guy who’s gonna be the other starter opposite Torrey Smith? I mean, that’s a big question mark, who their second receiver is.

On DeAndre Smelter:

By the way, you ever see that kid in person? He’s huge, he’s a total specimen.

On Aaron Burbridge coming off big year at Michigan State:

Yea, I see him as a slot guy. I saw him as having a somewhat similar skill set to a Doug Baldwin type player. So it’ll be interesting. But again, this is an offense that’s a little different, so we’ll see how it all plays out. Look, with a new coach and a brand new system, everybody is starting from scratch.

On Carlos Hyde:

Yea, they’ve been talking him up a lot, but I see Hyde as more of a downhill type runner. If Chip’s going to do a lot of the same stuff he did last year with a lot of that outside zone and sweep stuff, I don’t see Carlos Hyde as that back. But they’ve been singing his praises, which every coach does during OTAs. But I think Carlos Hyde, to me is much more of a downhill type back. He’s got a pretty good skill set, he’s just been unable to stay healthy.

On Hyde having looser hips than DeMarco Murray:

Umm, yea. I would say he probably does. I would think he probably does.