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Rams hire Mike Singletary in defensive advisory role

Jeff Fisher is bringing in Mike Singletary to serve in a defensive advisory role. Other job details are not known at this time.

Mike Singletary is back in the coaching ranks! The Los Angeles Rams have hired Singletary in a defensive advisory role. The former San Francisco 49ers head coach confirmed the news on Tuesday during a radio interview. Singletary has been out of the NFL after spending 2011 to 2013 as Minnesota Vikings linebackers coach.

Singletary has been looking to get back into the NFL, and wants to work his way toward another head coaching job. In an extensive interview with The Big Lead earlier this year, Singletary went into detail about some of the work he has done to prepare himself for a new opportunity. He talked about not wanting to coach linebackers again, but rather, work his way up to a coordinator role, and potentially a head coach again.

There are no details yet about the job, but it would likely be a potential stepping stone to bigger things. Rams head coach Jeff Fisher played with Singletary on the Chicago Bears, and learned many of the tricks of the trade from former Bears defensive coordinator Buddy Ryan. It is no surprise that an opportunity might present itself with a Fisher-led team.

And of course, that means a brief reunion of sorts with the 49ers when Week 1 rolls around. The 49ers host the Los Angeles Rams on the Monday Night Football double-header. I’m guessing we’ll hear a thing or two about Singletary and the 49ers, as well as Singletary, Jeff Fisher, and Buddy Ryan following Ryan’s recent passing.