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Will Redmond rookie contract details including signing bonus

The 49ers have one rookie left to sign. In the meantime, here are the details of Will Redmond’s four-year contract.

The San Francisco 49ers signed third round pick Will Redmond to his rookie contract last week, and our man Jason Hurley has some details on it. The rookie contracts are fairly straight forward thanks to the rookie wage scale. However, the higher end picks can end up with some variations on the basic deal, and Redmond’s includes that. According to Jason, Redmond’s deal breaks down as follows:

Signing bonus: $872,556 (218139)

2016 base: $450,000
Cap: $668,139

2017 base: $590,880
Workout bonus: $25,000
Cap: $834,019

2018 base: $725,846
Workout bonus: $25,000
Cap: $968,985

2019 base: $827,422
Workout bonus: $25,000
Cap: $1,070,561

As a third round pick, Redmond will be eligible for the proven performance escalator. That is something third through seventh round picks can earn based on playing time. If a player plays 35 percent of his team’s offensive or defensive plays in two of his first three seasons OR his cumulative average over the three seasons is 35 percent (so, for example, low snaps first two years, then starting in year three), he can earn a raise on his fourth year salary. We saw that this year with Gerald Hodges. The new salary is the difference between (1) the amount of the Restricted Free Agent Qualifying Offer for a Right of First Refusal Only as set forth in, or as calculated in accordance with, Article 9 for the League Year in such player's fourth season and (2) the player's year-four Rookie Salary (excluding signing bonus and amounts treated as signing bonus).

Redmond’s status for his rookie year remains up in the air. We’ll find out his status when the team reports at the end of July. Redmond will be among the first reporting due to his injury status. Sometime that final week of July if he going to end up on the NFI list, the 49ers will formally announce it.