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49ers have longest odds of making playoffs in 2016

Bovada released their latest round of 2016 NFL playoff odds. No surprise with the San Francisco 49ers.

The San Francisco 49ers are viewed as a team in strong competition for one of the top draft picks next year, and the odds continue to show that. The latest Bovada odds (by way of Odds Shark) look at a simple yes/no question for 2016: Will team X make the playoffs?

Bovada has the 49ers with the worst odds of making the playoffs. Yes is listed at +750, while No is listed at -1500. That means, if you want to bet that the 49ers do make the playoffs, a $100 bet wins you $750. However, if you want to bet that the 49ers will NOT make the playoffs, a $1,500 bet will only win you $100. Suffice to say, there’s very little value in betting on the team not making the playoffs. I might be inclined to drop $10 or $20 on the 49ers making the playoffs for a chance at a few extra bucks.

The next lowest odds belong to the Cleveland Browns, listed at +600 to make the playoffs. The Titans follow at +400. In the NFC West, the Rams are +300, the Cardinals are -200, and the Seahawks are -500. I’m not going to bet on the other teams, but the Cardinals at -200 are some decent value.

I’m not surprised the bottom of the AFC is ahead of the 49ers with regard to making the playoffs. This does not mean the oddsmakers think they will necessarily win more games than the 49ers. Rather, the NFC provides fewer opportunities with a strong top of the conference. The Seahawks and Cardinals are expected to finish at the top of the NFC West, which would leave only one wild card berth remaining.