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NFL reveals the three classic San Francisco 49ers games that will be on YouTube

The San Francisco 49ers have had some memorable games over the course of franchise history. The three the NFL picked to upload to YouTube are no surprise.

Earlier this week, I posted the NFL poll asking people to vote on the most memorable game in each franchise’s history. The league would then take the top three vote-getters and put them on YouTube in their entirety. The NFL is going to upload the games sometime in August.

The results are now in and they will not surprise you. The top vote-getter was the 1981 NFC title game with 38 percent of the votes. That game is arguably the most important in franchise history, and “The Catch” is on the short list of the most memorable plays in NFL history.

The second place finisher was Super Bowl XXIII when the 49ers defeated the Cincinnati Bengals 20-16, finishing with 26 percent of the vote. The memorable drive to close out the 49ers win of course featured Joe Montana to John Taylor. Certainly not surprising people would consider that on the list of memorable games.

Third place went to The Catch II. The 1998 NFC wild card round win over the Green Bay Packers finished with 16 percent of the vote. Again, not really a surprise, particularly on this list of five games. The 49ers Super Bowl XXIX win over the San Diego Chargers finished fourth with 12 percent of the vote, and their Super Bowl XIX win over the Miami Dolphins finished fifth with eight percent of the vote.