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Golden Nuggets: A new non-NN podcast to check out as minicamp approaches

No traditional links for Monday, June 6, 2016, but a couple things to check.

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Good morning! Minicamp week is here. The San Francisco 49ers will kick off their three-day minicamp on Tuesday, wrapping up the offseason workout program. After Thursday, we are left to wait until the end of July for the start of training camp.

The good news is this week will feature a lot of media availability. Last year, Jim Tomsula met with the media all three days. There was player availability before practice, and then an open session all three days. We won't get final answers to any of questions, but we'll start to get a little more context. Jennifer Chan will be on hand for at least some portion of minicamp, so we'll have plenty of information for you.

It was a slow weekend, capped off by a Sunday without much in the way of links. Pro Football Talk had a couple articles about Chip Kelly's Thursday radio interview. They looked at his comments on the quarterback position, and a comment about DeForest Buckner. You can read the transcript here, and Mark Saltveit's look between the lines.

There were no other article links, but there is something to check out. There's a new 49ers podcast out there, called 49 Problems (iTunes). It is not affiliated with Niners Nation, but it includes some old friends of the site, and gives you one more thing to listen to during the offseason. Tre9er and Jamie Neal are two of the people involved in it. Feel free to give it a listen. And of course, Oscar and David will be back with Better Rivals. Oscar is on his honeymoon right now, and they'll be back at it when he returns.