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Colin Kaepernick not expected to be cleared for minicamp

And so, we wait for training camp.

Well, it appears the first question in our storylines post is answered. Arguably the biggest question heading into this week's mandatory minicamp was whether or not Colin Kaepernick would be medically cleared to practice. Ian Rapoport is reporting Kaepernick will not be cleared for minicamp. Rapoport tweeted that "[t]he hope is closer to training camp."

This is not exactly shocking news, but it does leave us waiting to see when exactly Kaepernick will be back on the practice field. Early in the offseason workout program, he was throwing on a side field. In the last open session of OTAs, he was seen throwing with the other quarterbacks during practice warmups. However, he has not been medically cleared, and has instead spent individual and team drills shadowing the other quarterbacks.

The question now is if the team puts Kaepernick on the PUP list to start training camp, or if he will be good to go when camp begins. It is possible they do it on day one as a formality, and then he is cleared as soon as practice starts. We don't really know at this point, but if they don't put him on the PUP list on day one, they can't do it later. Kaepernick will spend the next two months continuing his rehab, and we'll see when we hear something more specific.

One thing to note is this likely means we will not hear from him during the three days of player availability. There was a report last month that Kaepernick would meet with the media once he was medically cleared. If he is not medically cleared this week, we get to wait until training camp.