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The 49ers hold a special ceremony for one of their own

Jennifer Lee Chan

The San Francisco 49ers, who are very involved in the community, held a special ceremony following the second day of mandatory mini camp. Tyson Baynes, who has worked with the team's medical staff for a year was due to be promoted to Major, and the ceremony was held on the team's practice field.

Baynes is a participant in a program called Training With Industry (TWI) that places military personnel in working situations around the country. The NFL participant previous to the 49ers was the New York Giants.

Baynes was with the team throughout the 2015 season, traveling to all road games and working closely with the medical and training staff. During his time in the army, he was a field doctor tending to those injured in the line of duty.

The woman who was performing the ceremony was Colonel Robert who is stationed in Fort Knox. She comes from a long line of 49er Faithful, her father a long time ticket holder back at Kezar stadium.

Jennifer Lee Chan

With Bayne's promotion, he will be relocating to Falls Church, VA to work in the office of the Surgeon General.