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49ers minicamp recap, Day 2: The offense shines

We've got the various beat writer recaps from the second day of 49ers minicamp. It sounds like it was a big day for the offense.

The San Francisco 49ers are through the second of three days of minicamp, and the practice reports suggest a big day for the offense. Jennifer Chan will have her recap in the morning, but in the meantime, we're back to look at the various beat writer recaps. I have linked them down at the bottom.

The offense got a lot of big plays on Wednesday, and it seemed like it was one of those days where they just knew what to look for throughout the session. Tom Rathman apparently knew a touchdown was coming on a pass play before the ball was even snapped. I would assume he saw the defensive alignment and knew the offense had the perfect play dialed up. It appears to have been a red zone play, in which Bruce Ellington hauled in a touchdown on a combination route.

The practice reports go into extensive detail about the offensive highlights. Chip Kelly pointed out how there is a lack of physicality for the defense. He specifically mentioned Antoine Bethea having some opportunities to light players up, but it doesn't happen because there are no pads. The 49ers offense has had issues in the past catching up to the defense, but this is also a pretty significantly different offense than in year's past.

Injury report

  • Dontae Johnson remains sidelined with a leg injury that he suffered last Thursday in OTAs.
  • DeAndre Smelter has sat out the first two days of minicamp with something Chip Kelly would not describe as an injury, but rather Smelter "has been just nagging a little bit." He said it was not related to his knee (from his college ACL injury).

Practice recaps