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49ers formally announce July 30 start date for training camp

The CBA dictates when the 49ers are allowed to start training camp, so we already had an idea. Now we get confirmation.

Welcome to July! The San Francisco 49ers announced on Thursday that they will host a practice at Kezar Stadium in August. Additionally, the team formally announced that veterans will report to training camp on July 30, and the first full squad practice will take place on July 31. That means we are only 29 days away from the full roster being in camp!

Quarterbacks and injured players can report before then, but most of the roster will be on hand on the 30th. The most notable thing we’ll find out leading up to that first day is which players will open camp on the NFI and PUP lists. There are not a lot of candidates, but notable names like Ian Williams, Glenn Dorsey, and Will Redmond are candidates for the injured lists.

We essentially have four weekends remaining before training camp. This weekend is probably the slowest of the offseason, but given that people will be enjoying the 4th, we’ll hopefully get through this first one pretty quickly. Let’s just hope nobody on the team does anything stupid!