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Jarryd Hayne announces he will not be selected for Rio Olympics

Well, so much for the Olympic dream. Former San Francisco 49ers running back Jarryd Hayne announced on Facebook that he has been informed he will not be selected for Fiji’s Olympic Rugby 7s team.

Hayne announced his retirement from the San Francisco 49ers on May 15, stating his plans to pursue an Olympic dream. At the time, he acknowledged that he only had a limited amount of time for athletic pursuits. In announcing that he has not made the Fiji team, he mentioned that time was not on his side.

Hayne said he will be in camp for a few more days before heading back to Sydney to figure out what is next. I suppose he could return to the NFL, but my guess is that will not happen. I would suspect he ends up back in Rugby League, but we’ll see what the next few weeks bring up. The 49ers return for training camp on July 30, so I suppose if that is even a remote possibility, that would be the time to see what happens.

Here’s what he said, and below that I’ve embedded the Facebook post:

“Last Friday I had a meeting with Ben to discuss my future with the team and I was informed that my time has ended. As much as I would have loved to go to Rio, I too knew I wasn't ready yet. During my time with the team, I pushed my body above and beyond. I used all my experience as a professional athlete and have tried everyday and in every way possible to make this team and make it better but unfortunately, time has been against me.

I've loved every minute of training with the Fiji Rugby 7's. Not only are they back to back world champions but they are a bunch of guys who have welcomed me into the team as one of their own family.

It was hard to comprehend and understand at first why I came here? Why God put me here, but deep down I knew there was a reason and a purpose. God takes you places not so you can achieve what you set out for, but to play a part and help something greater than yourself.

This has been an amazing journey for me and a truly humbling experience. I have learnt so much and will never forget my time with this team.

I want to thank Ben and the entire coaching staff, the players and especially the fans. The support of the Fijian fans and fans around the world over the past few months has been incredible. I am mesmerised at the love and passion people have for the 7's.

For now, I'll be in camp with the team until mid-week before heading back home to Sydney for some time out and will determine my next steps from there. I'll enjoy watching from afar and wish the team all the best of luck on their road to Rio.

Going to miss our prayers twice a day, endless laughs and ma man Sharkie! Nothing but love for the taganes.”