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Anthony Davis goes for sarcasm in latest 49ers tweet

The retired San Francisco 49ers offensive tackle continues to tweet (and delete said tweets) about the 49ers. What kind of resolution do you see for this?

I know some of you want to see nothing more about Anthony Davis, but for the next two weeks, the lack of news means we’ll be writing about his tweets. Consider this your warning, and feel free to take a step back from the article!

On Tuesday, Davis had another tweet. Someone asked 49ers beat writer Chris Biderman why Anthony Davis is not back in a 49ers uniform, and the retired 49er had this to say (in a since deleted tweet):

The 49ers veterans return to training camp on July 30, with the first practice set for July 31. How many people actually expect Davis to be in attendance at the start of camp? I’ve included a poll below with some options for how this whole situation resolves itself. The good news is we’ll get at least some kind of answer in two weeks. It might not be a final answer, but we’ll have a better idea of where things stand.