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No, it is not THAT Alex Smith speaking at the GOP Convention next week

The GOP announced speakers for the 2016 convention next week. Alex Smith is not it, but it’s not the Alex Smith we think it is.

The GOP is hosting their convention in Cleveland next week, kicking off their activities on Monday. Numerous people will be speaking, including some notable non-politicians. The GOP announced the list of speakers for the convention, and UFC President Dana White and former NFL quarterback Tim Tebow are among the notable personalities speaking.

It also included a very familiar name, Alex Smith. People have been asking about it this morning, and I figured it would be worth clarifying that no, this is not Kansas City Chiefs quarterback and former San Francisco 49ers quarterback Alex Smith. Rather, it is Alexandra Smith, president of the College Republican National Committee.

I figured this was worth clarifying as questions come in this week and next week. Of course, had it been that Alex Smith, I imagine somehow his speech would turn into an assessment of Smith vs. Kaepernick among 49ers fans.