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Ahmad Brooks has court date on Monday, July 18

This is related to the charges filed last August for misdemeanor sexual assault. There is no word on where things specifically stand at this point.

I was going to save this news for Monday, but given the Aaron Lynch news, why not just get all this information out there. It’s related to old news, so don’t worry about new crimes. 49ers outside linebacker Ahmad Brooks has a court date at the Hall of Justice in San Jose for a pre-trial conference, according to court documents. Brooks (more likely just his attorney) will be at the Hall on Monday, July 18, with the conference set for 1:30 p.m. PT.

Brooks was charged with misdemeanor sexual assault on August 26, 2015. This followed a civil lawsuit being filed on May 6 against Brooks and Ray McDonald (indicted on a felony rape charge the same day as Brooks was charged). It all was based on events from December 14, 2014, when the woman alleges Brooks and McDonald took advantage of her after she slipped and hit her head.

Brooks faces up to six months in county jail, while McDonald faces up to eight years in prison. McDonald is out of the league and his football career is likely finished. Brooks remains on the 49ers roster, and there has been no league discipline thus far. The league seems to pick and choose when it will discipline players, but it would seem like the league will wait this one out for either a trial verdict, or a plea bargain.

I was not able to get any information as to what this conference will entail. If nothing is reported Monday afternoon, I’ll give the Hall of Justice a call on Tuesday to see what’s next on the calendar for Brooks.