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Von Miller tweets Jerry Maguire scene photoshopped with Tony Jerod-Eddie

The Denver Broncos linebacker got paid and took to Twitter to celebrate. John Elway most definitely showed him the money

The Denver Broncos linebacker won't have to worry about Von Miller sitting out on his franchise tag. The Denver Broncos linebacker just got paid in the tune of $114 million, and he promptly went to Twitter to thank the showing the now-iconic scene from Jerry Maguire.

Except Cuba Gooding Jr., Tom Cruise and the other actors who participated in the famous scene have been photoshopped out and replaced with mugs from lesser known actors such as John Elway, Von Miller, and the 49ers' own Tony Jerod-Eddie.In many ways, this new scene is better than the original.

As for why TJE is in there? Turns out he's good friends with Miller.

There are no words to state the magnificence that this tweet brings by itself, but seeing TJE now playing the role of Teepee Tidwell makes it even more awesome. There's not much more I can say other than just tell you your Friday is now better for having seen this video.

As always, happy Friday, everyone.