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Frank Gore continues offseason training to climb into rushing leaderboard top ten

Frank Gore may no longer be on the 49ers roster, but I still enjoy the features on his extensive offseason training program. How high can it get him on the all-time rushing leaderboard?

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Former San Francisco 49ers running back Frank Gore will enter the upcoming season with 12,040 rushing yards, which is good for No. 15 on the all-time leaderboard. If he rushes for 239 yards he climbs into the top ten, and another 461 yards moves him into sole possession of eighth place. It remains to be seen whether he will get a Hall of Fame nod down the road, but he is among legends as his career nears its end.

Gore will be out of the league in the not too distant future, but his training regimen remains the same as he prepares for his 12th season. The Indy Star recently put together a feature looking at his well known program. Gore works out in South Florida, working out primarily with players that are five to ten years younger than him. He puts in two-a-day workouts three days a week, mixing speed and endurance work with running back-specific work.

Gore is coming off a 2015 season that was his worst as a starter in the NFL. He failed to surpass 1,000 yards for the third time in his career, and averaged a career-low 3.7 yards per carry. Offensive line woes and Andrew Luck’s injuries were a huge factor in Gore’s struggles. I am really curious to see what Gore does at 33 years of age with a healthy offensive line and Andrew Luck. Will he hit that late career wall, or does he have another 1,000-yard season in him? The last player 33 or older to rush for 1,000 yards was Washington great John Riggins. In 1983 (age: 34), he rushed for 1,347 yards, and in 1984 (age: 35), he rushed for 1,239 yards. He played one more year, rushing for 677 yards to close out his career.

If Gore can reach 1,000 yards, he will have moved up to sole possession of eighth place, 219 yards back of Eric Dickerson for seventh place. Where do you think Gore ends his career on the leaderboard? I don’t think he cracks 14,000 yards, but maybe he surprises us late in his career!