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Golden Nuggets: Last week of non-football stuff!

San Francisco 49ers links for Monday, July 18, 2016.

Good morning! Welcome to the final full week before the 49ers will have training camp news. The 49ers veterans don’t report to camp until Saturday, July 30, but before then, quarterbacks, rookies, and injured players will be reporting throughout next week. So, yep, this week marks the final week without on-field news.

We’re all hoping the Aaron Lynch suspension is the last piece of news we have to deal with before the team returns to training camp. It had been a quiet offseason prior to that, but I suppose it was all too good to be true. And so, we now wait and hope this week does not bring anything....ANYTHING! It helps with traffic, but I’m fine sacrificing a little site traffic to get the 49ers to training camp without any more incidents.

There’s not much in the way of links from yesterday, but feel free to post anything you see that we might have missed.

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