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DeForest Buckner getting a tackle while triple-teamed

This GIF is a whole lot of fun to watch!

It will be several weeks before we get to see DeForest Buckner in real football action, but in the meantime I wanted to share this GIF from the 2015 season. Rob grabbed it back in March, when Buckner was mentioned in connection with the 49ers, but was still two months from being drafted.

Most college offensive linemen are not on the level of NFL offensive linemen, but it is worth noting Stanford has recruited incredibly well along the offensive line. This GIF shows Buckner getting triple-teamed early on. Tight end Austin Hooper (No. 18) leaves the block eventually, but there are still two guys on Buckner. The Oregon defensive tackle gets through and is part of the stop on the run.

I don’t know what we’ll see from Buckner as a rookie or through the rest of his career, but with his strength and size, it could be a whole lot of fun to watch. Maybe we’ll get a few GIFs like this early in his NFL career.