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2016 NFL Supplemental Draft: Complete list of players eligible to be drafted July 14

We’ve found out the names of players eligible for the 2016 NFL Supplemental Draft. Do any jump out at you?

The 2016 NFL Supplemental Draft is scheduled for Thursday, July 14, and six players are eligible to be drafted. Players must apply for eligibility because it requires they have not been eligible for the regular draft back in April. Usually legal or academic issues lead to this, but there can be a variety of reasons. Per Ian Rapoport, this year’s list of eligible players includes:

Eddie D’Antuono, LS, Virginia Tech
Ra’Zahn Howard, DT, Purdue
Jalen Overstreet, RB, Sam Houston State
Tee Shepard, DB, Mississippi
Rashaun Simonise, WR, University of Calgary
Cameron Walton, DE, Concordia, Alabama

Shepard is arguably the most interesting of the prospects in terms of why he is in the draft. He has a hearing impairment, and believes his playing time was cut because of the impairment. He left the team on October 7, shortly after Ole Miss head coach Hugh Freeze suggested his hearing was an issue. Shepard’s problem with that is that he says it was not raised previously. You can read more about it here.

The draft will take place via email. Teams submit the player(s) they want and the corresponding round in which they would take them. Teams are grouped by won/loss record so the team with the worst record and highest bid will be awarded the player. They would then lose their pick from that round in the next draft. Teams are basically doing a bling bid of draft picks in the supplemental draft.

We’ll go into more detail closer to the draft, but for now, do any of these players jump out?