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49ers rookies to report for training camp with veterans on July 30

Getting closer......

The NFL formally announced official training camp start dates on Tuesday. We knew the 49ers veterans were set to report on Saturday, July 30, but now we know rookies will report the same day.

The NFL CBA includes a rule stating that non-QB or injured veterans have to wait until no earlier than 15 days before the team’s first preseason game to report to camp. However, quarterbacks, injured players (those who were rehabbing the entire offseason workout program), and rookies can be brought in earlier. Half of NFL teams will have their rookies in a few days early, while the other half will have rookies reporting the same day as veterans.

The early reporting of injured players is the most intriguing aspect of the start of training camp. The team will announce the players who will open the season on the PUP and NFI lists. Once in a while we’ll hear an unexpected name, but this year, we’ll start to get a better idea of the status of Will Redmond, Ian Williams, and Glenn Dorsey. My guess is all three will be placed on the list after they take their initial physicals. That does not mean they will remain their long. It is possible one or more is activated within a day or two. The players are placed on the list in case anything holds them up before they get on the practice field. Once a player takes part in training camp practice, he is ineligible for the PUP and NFI lists, so it can be a technical move so the team can cover itself.

Here’s the full schedule of training camp report dates.