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Video of Anthony Davis recently doing offensive lineman drills, conditioning work

Is Anthony Davis going to return? He appears to be doing some serious work in preparation, but we’ll see when he applies for reinstatement.

The San Francisco 49ers return to training camp next week, and at that point we’ll start to get a better idea of Anthony Davis’s status for the coming season. He has said he is going to return, but he has yet to file paperwork for reinstatement. That being said, some video has surfaced over the past week showing him doing a variety of work. Davis posted a video doing some speed work, and Raritan Physical Therapy has posted video of him doing some specific lineman drills.

Before the videos, Raritan posted this picture of Davis working with Los Angeles Rams defensive tackle Dominique Easley. The caption says “@easie91 and @11october giving us a preview of what we are going to see on the first Monday night game 49's vs Rams.” I suppose we can make of that what we will.

Next up, we have this video of him doing an individual drill.

WHO is getting around our guy @11october ? @49ers #nfl @rfootball #rutgers @raritanpt #piscataway #crafty

A video posted by Raritan Physical Therapy (@raritanpt) on

Raritan brings in college athletes, giving them a chance to work with professional athletes. This one features a junior college player going at Davis in a pass rush drill.

And finally, Davis running on one of those funky curved treadmills.