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Russell Wilson’s favorite movie is ‘Life’ and I am baffled

We’ve known for a long time that Seattle Seahawks quarterback Russell Wilson can sometimes come across as a little bit of an odd dude. There’s a bit of a robotic nature to him, and while he seems like a decent enough guy, it is not exactly difficult to poke a little fun at him.

Now we can add movies to the list. Our friends at Field Gulls came across some video Wilson posted on Facebook Live in which he was talking about various topics before shooting a Bose commercial. There were plenty of topics to discuss, but I was baffled when he talked about his favorite movie. He said Life, the 1999 comedy/drama starring Eddie Murphy and Martin Lawrence is his favorite movie. Let that sink in for a minute.

I actually saw Life in the theater, and enjoyed myself. It was not a fantastic movie, but it was definitely not bad. I realize that movie tastes are entirely subjective, but this is an odd choice for a favorite all-time movie. It’s not even close to my favorite Eddie Murphy movie (hard to pick between Trading Places, 48 Hours, Beverly Hills Cop 2, and Coming to America). Heck, it’s not even close to my favorite Martin Lawrence movie (Bad Boys, Nothing to Lose are on my list).

I wouldn’t even say this is a robotic answer, because that would involve picking some generic movie that everybody watches. So he must really like it for some reason. It is also worth noting that Hitch is probably on his short list as well. Back in 2012, he said in an interview that Hitch is the movie he’s seen more than any other. Considering it has been on TBS basically every week for the last decade, it doesn’t need to be his favorite movie for him to see it a whole bunch.

I try not to judge people for their movie tastes because I like some pretty bad and/or random movies. That being said, I’m just baffled by the choice. My favorite movie is probably Midnight Run, the ‘80s buddy comedy featuring Robert De Niro and Charles Grodin. I have a quite a few movies on my list of favorites, but for the proverbial “desert island” movie, I think that would be it. What’s yours?