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Jim Harbaugh thinks Chip Kelly will do great, guesses Colin Kaepernick will be 49ers starting QB

Jim Harbaugh is enjoying a golf tournament up at Lake Tahoe, and it’s no surprise he got questions about Chip Kelly and Colin Kaepernick.

The annual American Century Celebrity Golf Championship is underway in Lake Tahoe, and Michigan head coach Jim Harbaugh is on hand to play some golf, and otherwise take a break from the college recruiting grind.

The celebrities on hand do plenty of media during the event, and it is no surprise the one-time San Francisco 49ers head coach got a couple questions about the team. I’ve embedded the video down below. After talking about his Wolverines, Harbaugh was asked how he thinks Chip Kelly will do with the 49ers. His response was pretty simple, “I think he’ll do great.”

He was then asked who would be the starting quarterback between Blaine Gabbert and Colin Kaepernick. He offered a guess, saying, “I don’t now, I don’t know. Colin Kaepernick would be my guess.” The questioner followed up asking what his reason was for that, and Harbaugh said it’s Thursday and he’s playing golf.

I certainly wasn’t expecting a whole lot of much, so the fact that he even offered something up was notable. I would not have expected him to say anything negative about Kelly, and of course, Kaepernick is his guy. So, it’s about what we probably should have expected.