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2016 49ers 90-man roster ranking: players 70-61

We begin the countdown of our 49ers’ roster ranking today, looking at players ranked 70-61. We’re at a draft pick with a chance of contributing as a rookie, and some additional potential impact players.

The San Francisco 49ers are a week and a half away from the start of training camp, which means the downtime is just about set to come to a close. While we prepare for that, I came across a fun idea over at our Packers blog, Acme Packing Company. They had five of their writers rank out the team’s entire 88-man roster (indeed, they still have two spots available), and come up with a composite ranking. You’ll be stunned to learn that Aaron Rodgers finished in first place.

I spoke with ten of our contributors, and we each put together our rankings of the 49ers entire 90-man roster. It was a blind ranking, with each person submitting their rankings to me. I then created a composite ranking, which will be revealed over the next nine days, ten players at a time. After that is complete, I will post the individual rankings, along with comments from each voter on any particularly notable high or low ranked players. The voters included myself, Pat Holloway, James Brady, Tracy (49ersfangirl), Billy from the Nuggets, Jason Hurley, Greg Valerio, Oscar and David from Better Rivals, Alex Rubenstein who does video work for SB Nation, and Jennifer Chan.

Since this is entirely subjective, I did not provide a specific framework for voting. I simply told them to factor in injuries and the Aaron Lynch suspension, and figure it out from there. This could shuffle around plenty between now and the team’s final roster cuts. And so, here are the first ten.

70. DiAndre Campbell, WR (High: 35, Low: 86)

The 49ers signed a trio of UDFA wide receivers last season. DeAndrew White earned a spot on the 53-man roster, Dres Anderson spent the season on injured reserve, and Campbell spent the season on the practice squad. It didn’t seem like he was moving up the depth chart in the offseason workout program, so we’ll have to wait and see what the start of training camp brings.

69. Kaleb Ramsey, DT (High: 49, Low: 81)

The 49ers spent a seventh round pick on Ramsey back in 2014. He was viewed as talent but incredibly injury prone. He ended up spending his rookie season on injured reserve. He was on the practice squad last season, but also served a 4-game suspension for violating the NFL’s PED policy. Trent Baalke is apparently pleased with his development this offseason. However, the line has a lot of depth this year. Can he move past a Tony Jerod-Eddie to claim a roster spot with the rest of the young talent?

68. Devon Cajuste, WR (High: 46, Low: 81)

The 49ers signed Cajuste as a UDFA out of Stanford following the 2016 NFL Draft. He received $25,000 in guaranteed money, split between a $10,000 signing bonus and $15,000 in a salary guarantee. He is viewed by some as a potential h-back or tight end, but he remains listed as a wide receiver. He was third among the team’s UDFAs in guaranteed money.

67. Dres Anderson, WR (High: 52, Low: 79)

The 49ers signed former Rams wide receiver Flipper Anderson’s son as a UDFA last year. He slipped in part due to a torn MCL his senior season. He then suffered an injury in training camp and spent his rookie year on injured reserve. Scouting reports point to a guy who struggled in college getting off press coverage and questions of short area quickness, but with speed once the ball is in the air.

66. Nick Bellore, ILB (High: 42, Low: 83)

65. Shayne Skov, ILB (High: 50, Low: 80)

A lot of folks ranked these two pretty close together, including myself. They have been core special teamers, and that would appear to be the plan this year if one or both is on the roster. They will get inside linebacker work in the preseason, but it will mostly be mop-up duty, resting NaVorro Bowman in particular.

64. Ian Silberman, OL (High: 43, Low: 75)

The 49ers spent a sixth round pick on Silberman in last year’s draft. He was active Weeks 1, 2, 14, 15, and 16, with only five special teams snaps in Week 1. He has good size, but lacks quickness, which would seem to make him better suited at guard. The 49ers have a lot of questions at guard, but they also have a lot of players competing at guard.

63. Jeff Driskel, QB (High: 44, Low: 76)

The 49ers spent a sixth round pick in this year’s draft on Driskel. At Louisiana Tech, he played out of the shotgun with a lot of pre-determined reads. There are questions about his intermediate and deep accuracy. draft analyst Lance Zierlein thinks Driskel’s confidence is his biggest problem, but he’s come to a situation where he can take his time acclimating to the NFL. I don’t expect to see him on the field this season, but inactive 16 games while learning is a decent possibility.

62. Mike Davis, RB (High: 36, Low: 90)

The 49ers spent a fourth round pick on Davis last season, and it was not a good short-term investment. Davis put together one of the worst statistical seasons ever, rushing 35 times for 58 yards (1.7 ypc), and spending seven weeks on the injured reserve with return designation. It is worth noting that 34 of his yards came on ten carries in the season finale. The team added Kelvin Taylor this offseason, and returns with Shaun Draughn and DuJuan Harris. Not exactly an overwhelming group, but they’ll be competing for a couple spots behind and/or complementing Carlos Hyde.

61. Aaron Burbridge, WR (High: 43, Low: 82)

The 49ers spent a sixth round pick on the Michigan State wide receiver. Burbridge had three quiet seasons, before exploding on the scene in 2015. His final season as a Spartan, Burbridge led the team with 85 receptions and 1,258 yards. He’s not the most dynamic athlete among the wide receivers, but scouting reports point to a guy who can do well in small areas. He is expected to move into the slot after not playing their in college.

71. Chris Davis, CB
72. Busta Anderson TE
73. Marcus Rush, OLB
74. Prince Charles Iworah, CB
75. Alex Balducci, OL
76. Kendall Gaskins, RB
77. Thad Lewis, QB
78. Bryce Treggs, WR
79. Jason Fanaika, OLB
80. Colin Kelly, OL

81. Darren Lake, DT
82. Jered Bell, S
83. Garrison Smith, DT
84. Demetrius Cherry, DL
85. Blake Muir, OL
86. Je’Ron Hamm, TE
87. Wynton McManis, ILB
88. John Lunsford, K
89. Lenny Jones, OLB
90. Norman Price, OL