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49ers remain among the biggest teams in the NFL

Trent Baalke and Chip Kelly both believe in the value of size in the lineup. It is reflected in these rankings.

The San Francisco 49ers under Trent Baalke have frequently drafted and signed players that bring serious size to the roster. This year, they drafted five players that stand at least 6’4, and signed another in free agency (Zane Beadles). With those additions, the 49ers are now the second tallest team in the league, and lead the league in average weight, according to our friends at Bleeding Green Nation.

BGN looks at that info every year (2015), and they noticed the big difference for Philadelphia this year. Chip Kelly was a fan of adding size, and with his departure, the team dropped from first in height and 14th in weight last year, to 29th and 21st, respectively, this year. The 49ers were 4th and 13th in those respective categories a year ago.

It remains to be seen how the Kelly/Baalke relationship will work, but they would seem to be on the same page with regard to size on the roster. Several years ago, Kelly was quoted as saying, "We want taller, longer people because bigger people beat up little people.”

We are well familiar with Baalke’s love of long arms, and the team seems to be investing in even more sizable players. The line will have a pair of huge options in Arik Armstead and DeForest Buckner, and Ronald Blair is no slouch himself. The secondary adds Rashard Robinson who has added weight to an already lengthy frame. The offensive line is actually a little shorter with 6’4 Zane Beadles replacing 6’8 Alex Boone, but it’s still a large unit. All in all, there’s a whole lot of size on this roster.