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Jerry Rice likes Blaine Gabbert’s confidence, thinks he has legit chance of winning 49ers QB job

The San Francisco 49ers Hall of Fame wide receiver chimed in on the 49ers quarterback position during the American Century Golf Tournament.

Yesterday, we mentioned how Jim Harbaugh was at a Lake Tahoe golf tournament and had a chance to talk about the San Francisco 49ers. Turns out there are other people talking 49ers! Jerry Rice was in town for the tournament, and the GOAT also got a chance to talk about the 49ers quarterback position.

Rice talked about the two quarterbacks, and noted that he had a chance to meet Blaine Gabbert and likes his confidence. He thinks he has a “legitimate chance” of winning the team’s starting quarterback job. He followed that up with this comment about Colin Kaepernick, and some discussion about the general needs of the position in Chip Kelly’s offense

“Then you got Colin Kaepernick, and I don't know if they're gonna be able to, you know, that offense of Chip Kelly because he likes to get over the ball, he likes constant movement and all of that. So you need a quarterback that can run, a quarterback that's mobile, a quarterback that can get outside the pocket, extend plays and still have vision downfield and throw the football. It should be pretty competitive, but there's a lot of question marks and it's up to Chip Kelly to somehow put this team together. If he does that, I feel like, you're in the West, we might have a legitimate chance."

Rice is the greatest wide receiver of all time, but his answer had a lot of the usual cliches we’ll hear about Chip Kelly and the offense.

The link above includes some video of Ian Rapoport talking about the 49ers quarterback position. He said Gabbert is in the driver’s seat at the position, but Kelly “still has an affinity for Colin Kaepernick” and Kaepernick “will have a very real chance to win the starting quarterback job.” Given that Gabbert got all the first team reps through the offseason workout program, and Kaepernick did not get back on the field until minicamp (and only portions of it at that point), this is not a surprising revelation.