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DeForest Buckner: ‘I definitely did hit the lottery with getting picked up by [the 49ers]’

The San Francisco 49ers reunited DeForest Buckner and Arik Armstead on their defensive line in 2016. The two are working out together in Hawaii, preparing for the coming season. Check out what they had to say.

The San Francisco 49ers rookies and veterans report for training camp a week from Saturday, which means any offseason workouts, vacations, or whatever else, are wrapping up this week.

49ers rookie defensive tackle DeForest Buckner and second year defensive tackle Arik Armstead have spent time the last couple weeks in Hawaii, working out together alongside Seattle Seahawks defensive lineman Michael Bennett. The three players are part of a group working out at Hawaii Optimum Performance, according to a recent report on KHON 2. The video above features Buckner and Armstead discussing the offseason and their reunion with the 49ers. Here’s what they had to say.

Buckner: "I definitely did hit the lottery with getting picked up by San Francisco. A lot of guys, they don’t know anybody going in, they’re kind of just by themselves, and I kind of got welcomed into open arms. I got my old head coach back, my old d-line coach back, and I got my teammate back — my teammate and good friend — so, I’m excited, we’re all excited to see where the season is going to take us."

Armstead: "God has a plan at the end of the day, and everything works. Me and DeFo talk all of the time about me leaving early going to the Niners and then him coming the next year. Everything’s working itself out and hopefully we can stay healthy and have a good year."

Buckner: "As we’re narrowing down and getting closer to training camp, I really got my mindset on coming into training camp and giving it all I got. Try to get as much, take in as much knowledge, and being physically and mentally prepared so I can do my thing out there."

The 49ers starting defensive line remains in a bit of flux. Buckner, Armstead, and Quinton Dial are the three primary competitors for defensive end work in the base defense. Ronald Blair could work his way into the mix as well, but the first three are the big names. When the team goes into the nickel, Buckner and Armstead are likely going to see significant playing time, but I imagine we see a lot of rotation with the defense potentially seeing a greater number of snaps. It’ll be a busy year for Buckner and Armstead.